March 4th, 2005

  • geevee

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I would like 3 rss channels to be added.
All of them are russian sites.
The first is Alex Exler's author's project - (RSS contains updates).
The second is Ilya Birman's blog - "Meanwhile" (RSS contains full posts, without images).
And the third is - 'interesting in the net' blog (RSS contains full posts, without images).

I hope these channels will be added, because they ought to be added.

Thank you for your attention.

(no subject)

If you're not already, I'd like to invite you to join dailygarfield. The two Garfield feeds have now been merged together to make this super-reliable, as well as updating daily with a new Garfield comic at about 5am GMT, so you'll get some much-needed merriment to accompany your morning coffee!

We've already got almost 5,000 readers, a great sense of community in the comments in each entry, and we'd love it for you to join us :-). We also have a two-week archive that will help you stay on top of the comics if you don't check every day, without having to go through Friends pages!

- dailygarfield

7/Mar This has been temporarily suspended. We're talking to LJ support about it now, apologies for any inconvinience!

9/Mar In contrary to LJ's own policies, this account has not been unsuspended, nor has LJ seen fit to allow an explanation to it's nearly 5,000 readers. The full explanation from LJAbuse is Collapse )

Deepest apologies to our readers and those who loyally commented.