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Syn_Promo - Day

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

3:19PM - New Music News feed

I just created a syndicated feed for the music news section of my website Rockers Online. The feed is at:


It tends to focus on 80s rock/metal/new wave, progressive rock, progressive metal, melodic rock/AOR and similar music, although other music will be featured. The site wasn't updated too often in the past but the news is now database driven so I'm planning on updating it a lot more often! (BTW, the site itself just got a redesign and a bunch of new features added, including the rss feed. I'm hoping to add a second feed later for the "Rockers Ramblings", which I'm turning into a music-related blog:).

9:22PM - Coupons


For those of us who like clipping coupons.

Requires signing up on their website before you can get the coupons though...

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