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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, April 2, 2005

11:05AM - weblogs, inc. feeds.

Just created a couple new feeds:

photoshop_blog - The Unofficial Photoshop Blog, which has how-to articles, tips, tricks, and general PS news.

dlsquad_google - The Unofficial Google Blog, which is news relating to Google (obviously) and other search engines, as well as tips & tricks (like forwarding your Gmail to your cell phone).

1:30PM - The Gay Comics List

I created a feed for The Gay Comics List. It's a site about queer-themed comics, with reviews, information and links.


1:52PM - Comic and Blog

Well, I'm probably about as intelligent as a brick. It took me a week to figure how exactly to post here, but... now that I have... here's info on my Blog and my Comic.

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