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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, April 4, 2005

1:32AM - Undead feeds

Feeds for über indie music site Pitchfork Media are available once again on LJ.

Add pitchfork_feed for the daily music news headlines
pitchfork for links to the record reviews.

In other news, the feed for lefty news site Common Dreams is back to make your friends page an unpleasant place for the imperialist pigs. Find it at commondreams.

Lastly, if you're watching disinfo_feed, you might want to switch to disinfo if you're interested in seeing the full text of the posts instead of just the headlines. I had nothing to do with making the disinfo feed, but I was pretty darn excited to find it.


relix_mag - relix magazine

2:43PM - Design and Innovation are Boarding

cph127:  Design and Innovation are Boarding - an interesting blog about design & business, and how they influence each other. Very fresh, run by a few folks from the Danish Design Center. They also invite contributors.

3:00PM - design-management.de

design_mngmt_de - design-management.de: everything about design, management and business issues around designmanagement.

Doesn't look like the most talkative blog, but judging from the archives it is an interesting source on design issues in a business context.


goodies_blog. A woman trying to obtain free samples from bunches of companies. Updates weekly.

10:44PM - created hippy shopper feed


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