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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, April 11, 2005

10:58AM - Occult investigator

timboucher -- blog of Tim Boucher, Occult Investigator

Topics of investigation include:
# Aliens, Entities, Ghosts & Monsters
# Shamans, Psychedelics, Dreams & Consciousness
# Occult, Magic, and Esoteric
# Gnosticism & Alternative Christianity
# Philip K. Dick & Other Far-Out Fun
# History of Religion & the Occult
# Fundamentalism & Hardcore Religious Porn
# Mythology & Religion in Pop Culture
# Story-Systems: Comparative Religion & Mythology
# Polytheistic & Dissociative Psychology
# Open Source Culture & The Media Reformation

11:59AM - The State newspaper, South Carolina

From this page of feeds, I have created accounts for the following -


As you can see on the link above, there are a lot more available, so if anyone would like more made, please let me know.  I'm afraid I can't tell you how often they update until they collect for the first time...

Current mood: curious

10:00PM - cooking4engfeed

I created a feed for Cooking for Engineers, which I learned about on MetaFilter. It's in a vein similar to Alton Brown's Good Eats. If you like the one, you may just like the other.

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