April 12th, 2005

  • dimrub


Mailing list dedicated to the traveling notes by Alex Mumzhiu: alextravel.

Alexander Mumzhiu used to be an engineer in Leningrad, Russia, then he moved on to the US, where worked for a while as an engineer, until he retired. Instead of spending his time in quiet retirement, he decided that this is the time to fulfill a dream - that of circumnavigating the globe.

He is not the type for package tours. He is a backpacker - but a special one: he uses a Brompton folding bike where others use their feet. He's been in 93 countries by now, including the Tibet, Central Asia, Southern America, Tunisia, and the list goes on. He rode on camels and elephants, glided on a paraplane, jumped with a parachute. His major expenses are air travel and the Internet. Well, the rest you can learn by reading his archive at