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Syn_Promo - Day

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

12:24AM - RSS feed for new site


Cybervergence is a new site, just started up (and so fairly quiet just now), aimed at the UK clubbing community. As the name suggests, it's specifically aimed at those who consider themselves cybers/cyberkids, etc. The site in full has a gallery, events calendar with some nifty tools, link directory, arcade, articles, and some members-only forums. The RSS feed is of the public forums. If you like the look of the site and want to sign up, the feed might be a good indicator/reminder of new posts coming in.


kimikodreams</span> and girl_2 

Syndicated blogs for the Girl2 and Kimiko Dreams sites

11:49AM - ecotalk_podcast

ecotalk_podcast is the newly created, high quality podcast of EcoTalk, the Air America Radio syndicated radio show about the environment. Program provided via torrent and mp3 file.

Most stations that carry it in a very early Sunday morning slot. All the more reason to podcast it.

You can learn more about EcoTalk at:

11:09PM - Starbucks Gossip!

Entertaining occasional posts syndicated from the Blog of its namesake, the starbucksgossip syndicated feed has recently been added to LJ's syndicated feeds. Very entertaining and occasionally insightful for anyone who spends any kind of time or money in Starbucks.

Check it out.



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