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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, May 8, 2005

4:51AM - RoadRunner Records Dresden Dolls News RSS Feed

I created dresdendolls_fd for news from Roadrunner Records' Dresden Dolls site.

I also created drsdndls_flickr for the FlickR Photostream of any photos tagged "Dresden Dolls".

1:30PM - EoEForums.com - A forum for Tatsumaki: Land at War


This is a feed for eoeforums.com, a forum dedicated to Tatsumaki: Land at War, an MMORPG based in 16th century Japan.

Tatsumaki: Land at War features the following:

  • Unique combat system more similar to a Fighter as opposed to a MMORPG.

  • Complete lack of monsters, experience, classes, or races.

  • Weapons and armor that maintain a realistic feel without unrealistic damage or defense qualities.

  • Ability to do any job or follow any belief you wish in true role playing spirit.

  • Build your own homes, castles and entire towns.

  • Weekly special events, as well as many other recurring events.

  • Realistic weather system where the weather actually effects the game.

  • Experimental crafting system that opens up millions of crafting possibilities.

  • In-depth Alchemy system never seen before, with ties to Fireworks creation.

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