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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

1:48PM - Because television is for those who lack imagination

iloveradio is the syndication feed for a blog about US & Canadian public radio and podcasting from Canadian tech guru Tod Maffin.

Recent posts include: "What Podcasters Can Teach Public Radio", "This American Life Goes to TV, Film", "Public Radio International Announces 'Open Source' Podcast", "Want USD$6000 for your radio documentary?"

Tod is the same guy who teaches you how to wax your ass, among other things, on the How to Do Stuff podcast.

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rubyonrailsblog is a newly-created feed for the Ruby on Rails Weblog. For those not in the know, Rails is a mind-blowingly simple open-source framework for developing web applications using the Ruby programming language, and it's poised to become the Next Big Thing™ in web development.


All the Huffington Post feeds have been sydicated:

huffington_post Headlines All the headlines that appear on the front page
huffington_news News Wire Every "in brief" post that appears on the New Wire
huff_post_blog Blog Every post written by a Huffington Post contributor
blogpicks Featured Posts All the contributor posts that have been featured on the front page of the site
huffington Full Feed The full feed of everything that appears on the group blog and the news wire


For fans of the hit broadway show turned film, I created the syndicated feed for the Official RENT: The Movie Website.


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