May 11th, 2005



Here are some military-related blogs with syndicated feeds at LJ:
armor_geddon - armor_geddon describes the operation in Fallujah in Nov'04 (Operation Phantom Fury, 8Nov-? ) from the point of view of an Abrams platoon leader
blackfive - BlackFive, a retired Executive Officer's blog (callsign "Black 5"), writing about many things usually not heard about in the media (Unfortunately, it's occassionally down because the feed file is too big; clears up after a bit though)
goingdownrange - goingdownrange, an NCO(?) currently in Khandahar AF, Afghanistan
soldierlife - A Day in the Life of an American Soldier
sf_alpha_geek - SF Alpha Geek is an SF operator.
blogs_of_war - Blogs of War covers a gamut. According to the About Page, "currently focused on aerospace, defense, and technology issues. The site is heavily read in defense, intelligence, media, and federal government circles."
tryingtogrok - TryingToGrok, Wife of a 12A (Armor Officer, from 2-63 AR) that just got back (Feb'05) from OIF, aka "the home front"
gojackarmy_rss - Jack Army, SF MilBlogger, currently on recruiting duty
michaelyon - Iraq Ranger veteran, now an independent journalist blogging from Iraq
froggyrum_rss - Froggy Ruminations - Navy Spec Ops blog

What are some others that are available? More importantly, why do you read them, or what about them interests you?

Also, a listing of MilBlogs, seen at BlackFive.

UPDATE, May 11: Added blogs_of_war.
UPDATE 2, May 12: Added BlackFive MilBlog link.
UPDATE 3, Aug 4: Added gojackarmy_rss, froggyrum_rss , and michaelyon.