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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, June 6, 2005

9:24AM - Ever since the last Calvin and Hobbes feed went down, I've wanted another one.

And I looked at comms, and nobody was posting the "current" strip. And I repeatedly searched the syndicated journals, and I didn't find one. And I looked here, and nobody was making one, at least not that I saw.

Finally, I caved and made a new feed: calvinhobbesurl. It links to the comic at the official site instead of showing it on your Friends page, so it shouldn't get deleted for copyright violation.

2:46PM - Bruce Eckel's New Blog

People on the eckel-oo-programming mailing list probably know by now that Bruce Eckel has ditched Blogger--and by proxy onthethought--and has started a new blog at Artima. To accomodate, I have created a new syndicated feed: artima_beckel

I've created the new feed instead of having the old one changed because Bruce's new blog is not called "On the Thought".

The feed is not updated on a very frequent basis, so traffic is considerably low.

Bruce's explanation, from the latest newsletterCollapse )

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