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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

3:23AM - For Connecticut residents / "fans"

ctpolitics is for well.. local politics in CT. The race for governor nominations, and smaller issues. A bit slanted towards Fairfield County.

CT has been a "hot state" in the news over the past year, with everything from government scandals to same-sex civil unions to transportation bills to the much-hated decision by the Supreme Court in the eminent domain case.


I have a ton of RSS'd feeds

Most of them I did myself, others were already here.  A lot of them won't show up on the syn list as they don't have enough people.

Enjoy!  (please, no neg comments or flames).  Thanks!

_miss_manners, about_altmed, about_euhistory, about_exercise, about_spanish, about_stress, about_vegtarian, about_walking, aboutfreebies, ancienthistory, apartmentalist, apod, askyahoo, awfulplasticsur, bbc_scitech, bestweekever, biblegtewy_votd, blog_of_death, bpnews, bush_04_daily, bush_04_today, ca_getfuzzy, cheese_diaries, comic_bc, comic_mutts, coolgov_atom, curbed, dailydish_goss, daybydaycartoon, defamer_atom, dictionary_wotd, dilber3, dirsonnoticias, drudgerptarchv, drudgerptrecap, dykestwofstrip, eljaydee, eognnewsfeed, epod_feed, esv_daily_verse, fodors, fuzzy_get, gawker_rss, gmailgems, goodplasticsurg, googlenews_span, gopusa_rss, hot_property, housingbubble2, hundred_acres, is_libra, jacksonfuller, kittenbreak, lifehacker, ljd2, malkin_feed, mallsofamerica, medianews, meditationblog, medscapenews, michellemalkimm, mortgage_weblog, motivationquote, mozilla_exts, natlgeographic, new_rss_feed, newscientrss, newyorkertoon, ntlscrabbleasoc, nutritionblog, nyt_fashion, nyt_homegarden, online_books, oslo_fotoblog, parisfan, pcw_downloads, photograblog, photoshop_blog, pmcf_word_spy, qotdrss, re_buyernews, realestatenews, ripleys_feed, sciam, scotus_today, sew_rss_feed, sfexaminer_biz, sfexaminer_eats, sfexaminer_news, sfexaminer_opin, sfexaminer_trav, sfgate_bayarea, sfgate_biz, sfgate_news, sfgateentertain, shutter_junkie, sjmn_living, sjmn_mrroadshow, smokinggunrss, snoopy_feed2, snopes_dot_com, spacedotcom, spyware_warrior, stereogum_xml, surreal_estate, tastingmenu, the_raw_story, thestraightdope, thesuperficial, times_top_art, todone, travel_hunters, ubc_botany, underneathrobes, webster_wotd, wizard_of_id, wonkette, worldwidewords, wwwords_updates, yahoo_sp_entert, yahoo_span_news, yahoo_word



Every day is full of events that have shaped history.


moorewatch, "exposing the truth" behind Michael Moore's words & actions.

11:09PM - A New Feed

Digerati. Geeks. Computeristas.

Technophiles need to be aware of the health problems that can come with the Digital Lifestyle.

Whether it's Carpal Tunnel, Blackberry Thumb or iPod Ear, you can find out all about it here at Health-Hack.com...

"The Health Portal for Computer Users and Abusers".™

health_hack- the syndicated feed for Health-Hack.com

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