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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, July 31, 2005

3:09PM - electric jello - the next generation of mix tape

ej_rss is a feed for electric jello, a legal file trading community strictly for independent music that focuses on members submitting recommended artists. The site offers a central place to comment, recommend, and download a wide variety of artists from independent labels in the hopes to further promote those artists to a wider audience. All songs available for download on electric jello have been made readily available by the artists or labels on the bands or labels website. Users can easily submit and recommend new songs and artists to be added to electric jello's song directory.

electric jello is a completely free community that anyone can join and contribute to. The site also features feeds from Pitchfork Media, BBC, and NPR and accepts user submissions for new feeds specifically related to music. New users can create an account or login with thier livejournal account. The sites features are only open to registered members. For more information, stop by electric jello and read our faq or ask in our forums.

How often the ej_rss updates depends on site activity and amount of user submissions, but at maximum twice a day, at minimum once per week.



I have just hooked up the feed ozontheinternet to my exciting comic OZ ON THE INTERNET. You will like my comics because they are very humorous and fun to read. The internet is a friendly place for me to make new mates!!! Please be my mate!

thank you very much,

9:02PM - Feed for PulpGamer

pulpgamer is a podcast show, reviewing paper (ie non-computer) games. They cover everything from board games to role-playing.


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