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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, August 1, 2005

3:52PM - Sawxblog

bosoxfeed is a feed for the new Sowxblog which used to be bosawk and is now here. It's a simple blogger's perspective on Boston Red Sox baseball.

5:47PM - Maintenance Post

This is a reminder from your local maintainer.

This community is not for discussion of suspended feeds.

This community is not for promotion of communities, even if they are comic communities, as these are not syndicated feeds.

All issues with suspended accounts should be discussed with LiveJournal Abuse, as they are the only people who have any information on the topic. However, LiveJournal Abuse does not discuss suspensions with anyone other than the user of an account. Since syndicated accounts are not associated with a "person", these accounts will most likely not be discussed by anyone who knows what's going on, and bringing them up in this community only serves to spread disinformation. (Note that I am specifically *not* advocating contacting LiveJournal abuse regarding syndicated accounts. I highly doubt they will give you any information, as there is no reason to.)

Any posts advertising comics feeds that are obviously designed as alternatives to previously suspended comic feeds will be deleted.

Any posts discussing the suspension of syndicated content will be deleted.

Any posts discussing anything other than syndicated feeds will be deleted.

I'm sorry that this seems harsh, but I have seen an increasing number of discussions that are beyond the realm of this community. This community is designed for promotion of new syndicated feeds, and any other posts will be deleted, most likely without warning or explanation.

Thank you.

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