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Syn_Promo - Day

Wednesday, August 3, 2005


brightcove syndicates the latest news from Brightcove, a little Cambridge, MA startup that's hoping to democratize the television market by (duh) bringing it to the Internet.

Some of you may recognize the company's Chair, Founder and President as Jeremy Allaire, former CTO of Macromedia and one of the minds behind the ColdFusion development platform.

2:16PM - She likes to have her links clicked...

Well, the promotion-whore in me couldn't resist posting to this community. Add dearcrissy to your friends list to see my updates to dearcrissy.com. I write mostly anecdotal drivel about my life, and post a lot of personal photography and artwork. I paint/draw/collage.

And plus, I only need two-thousand or so of you to add my feed to your friends list and I'll be on the most popular feeds page. Likely? ;)


11:28PM - FAIR Media

This page features some of the more interesting media criticism and media news we've seen on the Web lately-- as well as some recent reporting that we thought merited comment. We don't endorse every opinion expressed or vouch for the facts presented, except by ourselves. Not all outlets archive material indefinitely, so some links may have expired. Registration may be required by some news sites. Please send suggestions for links to jnaureckas@fair.org.

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