October 16th, 2005

The funniest webcomic, drawn by a 10 year-old

My 10 year-old sister draws a webcomic. It's damn funny and gets updated every Monday. angrymancomics
My name is Marcelyn Lebovitz, and I'm 10 years old. I am writing to you because I'm the creator of the coolest comic ever. It's called "Angryman" and it's about a guy named Angryman who gets over crazy about things like someone saying hi to him. When he gets angry, his head explodes and he has to glue it back on.

I started Angryman at school when I finished some class work. I thought it was dumb at first, but my older brothers
thought it was really funny. So, they made a website for my comics. My website is called www.AngrymanExplodes.com.  There will be a new comic every Monday.

Everyone who reads my comics thinks they're funny, so I think you will like them too.

Musings of an indignant mind

I get angry at the world an awful lot. I have what some have called "an overdeveloped sense of morality." The world is full of shades of grey, but the way I see it, if something isn't sparkling white, somebody ought to do something about it.

If you, too, enjoy occasionally raging against the machine, or at least watching somebody else do it, you might find my blog entertaining and perhaps even thought-provoking. And if I write about something that strikes a chord, you can help me spread the word, right a wrong, or save other people from encountering a problem.

On LiveJournal, it's "jik_blog", and it's syndicated from here.

Join me, and perhaps together we can help make the world a slightly better place.