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Syn_Promo - Day

Thursday, November 10, 2005

3:17PM - Giant Japanese Robot

After a long hiatus Giant Japanese Robot is back up and running. We are a blog about culture, technology and robots!

Please feel free to stop by and soak in our goodness.


8:34PM - James Governor's blog MonkChips

now available on monk_chips. To quote: "On culture, convergence, community, compliance and capability." He's a technology analyst, but also is really good about including mainframes (you know, real computers *snerk*) in his discussions.

Current mood: relaxed


paramerica is Pierre Stromberg's new Paranormal America blog. Pierre is best known for his work with Pacific Northwest Skeptics and fighting the creationism-as-science movement. The blog is directly reachable at this URL: http://paranormalamerica.blogspot.com/

cynicor is Joshua Trupin's blog. Joshua Trupin edits several Microsoft magazine publications, such as Microsoft IT Professional and MSDN Magazine. His blog is directly reachable at this URL: http://cynicor.blogspot.com/

Current mood: okay
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