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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

12:26AM - Patent nonsense

Here's an interesting new feed: obscure_patents, syndicated from Eugene R. Quinn's "Museum of Obscure Patents". It has a number of interesting patents already, such as the "beer-brella" (an umbrella for beer bottles to keep them cool, apparently), a headmounted letter "M" display (which is quite literally a giant "M" you wear on your head), or even a "hyper-light-speed antenna" (which should most likely be something that's physically impossible to construct), and new stuff should be added regularly, too (well, at least I think it should).

Quite a funny read, originally pointed out by the fine folks at http://www.freeculture.org (__freeculture).

Current mood: amused

9:39AM - John "The Penguin" Bingham's blog

Running author John "The Penguin" Bingham (author of The Courage to Start, int. al.) has a blog on Blogspot, The Penguin Times. I've created a syndicated feed for it:


Current mood: syndicatory

11:38PM - Dev Shed - Updates Weekly

Dev Shed - The Open Source Web Development Site - Articles


Topics include PHP, MySQL, Apache, Perl, Python, etc...

Generally updated weekly, late Tuesday / early Wednesday.

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