January 4th, 2006

No matter where you go ...

Poetry and Politics

Just created a syndication feed for my writing column, "How To Succeed As A Failing Writer, at writefailure. Hope people enjoy it!

Also, since it's only fair to pimp your friends while pimping yourself, I've created a feed for my friend Matt Coker's "OC Weekly" politics/satire column, "A Clockwork Orange," at ocweeklyclockwo.

News from a liberal religious perspective...

Note: This is a corrected description of the source for the feed discussed below. The address is still valid.

uu_world_news is a feed connected to the UU World magazine Web site's "Unitarian Universalists in the Media" feature, which tracks news stories about UUs in other online sources. UU World will be adding RSS feeds to its own content in the near future, and I'll be posting those as well.

UU World is a magazine dealing with "liberal religion and life" and is connected with the Unitarian Universalist Association -- a religious body that includes religiously liberal Christians and Jews, Buddhists, pagans, nontheists and others bound together by a common pursuit of good, with respect for their differences in theology.

Many UUs are politically liberal as well, but certainly not all.
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another sync on the way!

You can find an interesting blog here: crazypteet.

I promise that I'm not biased even though this person happens to be my partner for more than 6 years!

He is a Pakistani, living in Bangladesh and planning to go to Australia. He is humorous in a cute innocent way, and his journal reflects this nature when he posts.

He updates his journal roughly about once/ twice a week, and writes about whatever that comes to his mind. He does not restrict himself to any particular subject, and the entries are- thus- truly random in nature.

Those who like humor and simple everyday tidbits- can add this sync to their f-list.

Okay. Enjoy!!
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