January 15th, 2006

  • schnee

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siteadvisor_rss is a new feed for the blog of SiteAdvisor.com, an MIT startup dedicated to spyware research. Not without commercial interest, I guess, but interesting nonetheless.

Note: despite the name, it's actually an Atom feed, but "siteadvisor_rss" looks better than "siteadvisoratom" or "siteadvisorblog" (which would be all that I could've squeezed into the name field otherwise - stupid length restrictions). Not that that should matter much... :)

dorkboy comics Feed

Hi there,

My comics are now online at http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dorkboycomics/

The LJ syndication is....

My comics are mostly humour (dorkboy, Skully, Scooterboy), aside from the more "slice of life" "Workin' Jones" comic. I've been making comics for 8 years or so now, so there's currently quite a few to look through, and I am hoping to update once a week or so.

Feel Free to check it out or add dorkboy_comics to your friends list.

Thank you.

your buddy,