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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, January 15, 2006


siteadvisor_rss is a new feed for the blog of SiteAdvisor.com, an MIT startup dedicated to spyware research. Not without commercial interest, I guess, but interesting nonetheless.

Note: despite the name, it's actually an Atom feed, but "siteadvisor_rss" looks better than "siteadvisoratom" or "siteadvisorblog" (which would be all that I could've squeezed into the name field otherwise - stupid length restrictions). Not that that should matter much... :)


I have added sundancechannel in preparation for the Sundance Film Festival. The blog does not specifically say it covers only the film festival, but that seems to be its thrust.

Current mood: accomplished


Added feeds for two blogs by British commentator and curmudgeon Michael Bywater, author of the book Lost Worlds: What Have We Lost and Where Did it Go?.

Bywater's blogs:

lost_worlds - Entropy in action

tragiblog - Tragedy. You know it is. Don't talk to any strange Sibyls.



A political blog with a focus on Newfoundland and Canadian politics - slight left wing bent.

11:40PM - dorkboy comics Feed

Hi there,

My comics are now online at http://www.webcomicsnation.com/dorkboycomics/

The LJ syndication is....

My comics are mostly humour (dorkboy, Skully, Scooterboy), aside from the more "slice of life" "Workin' Jones" comic. I've been making comics for 8 years or so now, so there's currently quite a few to look through, and I am hoping to update once a week or so.

Feel Free to check it out or add dorkboy_comics to your friends list.

Thank you.

your buddy,

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