January 20th, 2006

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I have a radio show here at Bates College in Maine (91.5 WRBC), which I record every week and post for stream/PodCast/download via www.radio4all.net, linked through Feedburner. I figure my friends are tired of my posting to my rgular LJ when I post a new show, so I've created a feed to the Feedburner page where my 'casts are posted.

Since the show's name (The Project) is already taken, it's in my on-air name, djmarshall.

As I describe it at Feedburner:
The Project is best described as IndieRockTroniPop, a mixture of old and new, rock and electronica, power pop and americana, anything and everything. Emphasis is on newer indie releases and some favorites from the 70s forward.

The Project may be heard live on WRBC, 91.5FM Bates College Radio in Lewiston, ME. 10PM-Midnight every Friday night. See http://wrbc.bates.edu:8005/listen.pls for live stream.

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Make stuff with ropes and poles! How could you not want this feed?! This is a decent resource site for anyone with kids, campers, tinkerers, and DIYers looking for ideas. I just added it from this site as a feed, so jump on board!


Of course, I should add that I found the link to this blog from a very popular feed called make_podcast which is a feed from the Make Magazine blog site; also a grand site for tinkerers of all types.
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Videogame Feeds

I created some videogame-related feeds.

1up_nds_news - Nintendo DS news from 1Up.
1up_ps2_news - Sony PlayStation 2 news from 1Up.
1up_ps3_news - Sony PlayStation 3 news from 1Up.
1up_reviews_rss - 1Up Reviews.
gaf_rss - GamesAreFun news.
gamescience_rss - Game-Science news.
ic_rss - insert credit news.

One of them was just created, so, it may take a while before it begins to syndicate. For 1Up, I would've done feeds for some of the other consoles, but, I wasn't really interested in reading news from the other consoles... So, I didn't.

edit: I should also mention, I made a feed for Quiter -- a respectable Japanese news site. Obviously, won't be of much interest to you unless you can read it. guiter_rss. And yes, I did make a typo when creating the feed on LiveJournal. Oh well.