February 13th, 2006

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A Food Year Feed

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Over a month has already passed and we've blown through half of February. Don't miss out on another day of A Food Year - your daily dose of different dinners!

Add afoodyear and follow along in my attempt to eat a different dinner every day of the year. New recipes, pictures and anecdotes are posted daily.
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New feed (duh)


Autism Hub takes the best in autism related blogging and pulls it all together in one easy–to–access interface.

The internet is a great place to find information. Unfortunately, you can sometimes feel like you're swimming against a huge tide of data that simply swamps you. Autism Hub attempts to take the best autism related blogging and give it to you in one easy step.

We have members who are autistic, or who are parents of autistic people, or are scientists/professionals involved in autism research. We all share one common theme however - respect for the condition of being autistic. We seek no fundemental alteration to this state of being but we do seek to intervene sometimes should the situation require it.
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