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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

11:10AM - David Lebovitz

I've added a syndicated feed for the blog of David Lebovitz, pastry chef, at davidleibowitz.

[edited to actually include the link.]

11:23AM - Unitarian Universalist World magazine

uuworld_latest offers the latest headlines from UU World magazine, which covers topics of interest to Unitarian Universalists and other religious liberals.

7:22PM - Responsible Travel

I'm proud of this feed. One of my favourite sites to torture myself on is Responsible Travel. This is a commerical site but it's entire ethos is on 'fair trade travel'. The holidays which I doubt I'll ever be able to afford are scenarios where you pay money and go rescue dolphins (and your payment goes to the dolphin rescue), or where you help build a hospital in some village in Peru, where you help clean up a beach, etc.

There's a feed at r_travel now.

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