March 27th, 2006


Stargate SG-1 Solutions Blog and Wiki Feeds

If you're a fan of Stargate SG-1, here are two syndicated feeds which are available for you to friend:

  • solutions_blog - The Stargate SG-1 Solutions news feed includes news headlines for stories about the show and cast. (NOTE: This feed may contain spoilers for Season Ten of Stargate SG-1 and Season Three of Stargate Atlantis.)

  • stargate_wiki - This includes the titles of the newest articles in the Stargate Wiki, a knowledge database. The wiki contains episode guides, transcripts, character and actor biographies, and research articles covering the mythology of the Stargate universe. It's a great reference tool for fanfic writers and avid fans alike.
  • xian

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Just added sciam_pc, which is the Scientific American's podcast. I'm still not entirely sure how well these podcast lists go (after trying to add Engadget's - engadget_pc - which fails because each RSS feed lists every single podcast posted) but I'll stick with it for a bit to see how it turns out.

Also I added another one a while back, sadly not updated very often. smhrazor is the tech-related blog of Charles Wright, for the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age. I might see if I can request it be changed to his personal blog.

Finally a couple of Triple J podcast feeds. jjjrawcomedyhl is the RSS feed for the highlights of Triple J's Raw Comedy competition finalists. Got updated sporadically, but there should still be a couple good ones. drkarl wasn't added by me, so I'm unsure if its been mentioned here before. If you've never heard of Dr Karl, he is well known by the Australian public as the man who knows everything. He hosts a one hour radio show every Thursday on Triple J, answering questions about stuff (usually scientific). This is the podcast.