May 6th, 2006

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There are three interesting journals that I made feeds of so that more ppl can enjoy it. They're for those who enjoy good, but light reading, and treat their friends' page as their daily reading fuel. Here they are:

1. crazypteet
This journal is updated about once a week. It's humorous with short entries about interesting (or not so intersting) things happening around this blogger's life. Not heavy at all, but interesting.

2. doggytales
Another interesting journal, very funny, humorous, sacrastic and witty. Updated once or twice everyday sometimes, and and sometimes not at all for weeks. These days there are numerous posts each day.

3. jennigal
A journal of a teen-age girl, who is interesting and intelligent. Not very regular in posting- occassional posts of once a month or so probably.

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...276 times.

If you'd like to keep up with Houston Astro Craig Biggio's ( probably unintentional) quest to become the player most often hit-by-pitches in MLB, I've made it easier for you.

I syndicated the (humorous) blog dedicated to all things that involve hitting Craig Biggio with high-velocity baseballs. Only 12 more plunks to go!

plunkbiggio. Enjoy, because I'm betting Craig won't.