May 16th, 2006


Web Owls

Friends and colleagues from the Google Answers researcher pool have put together an awesome research oriented blog, so I've added a feed for it:


If you're interested in web research, search refinement tips or just plain old interesting things Researchers stumble upon in their daily web wanderings, that's the place to go.



Strange haiku

I've been collecting weird haiku on my website for a few years, and over the weekend I created an RSS feed for it so I'd know when new ones came in - figured people like silly haiku so I thought I'd share. This feed will probably update sporadically, depending on how bored people that know about the site are

strange_haiku, you can read the backlog and post your own silly haiku to the page/feed at

Have fun!
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Eclection selection

Some feeds I have created but never promoted; they fit my interests pretty well, but could be seen as rather eclectic. Anyway:

aurora_watch: This monitors a site that sends out warnings whenever large fluctuations in solar radiation are detected via a magnetometer, so that you can get outside and catch any possible aurorae if the time is right, and you're very lucky!

metal_hammer: News from the UK metal scene.

rugbyleaguenews: The latest stories published on that relate to Rugby League, mainly the Super League in Europe.

stump_bearders: Another feed from, the subject being cricket trivia. It is a question and answer feed from an eminent cricket statistician, updated every fortnight or so.

Happy browsing!
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