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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, July 15, 2006

12:54PM - Factory Records feed...

factory_records will give updates to Cerysmatic Factory, a Web site discussing the legendary Factory Records label from Manchester, England, and acts that were produced by Factory -- Happy Mondays, Joy Division, New Order, etc.

7:58PM - new magazine open for submissions

Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine opened its doors for submissions a week ago, and now their staff blog is syndicated as gud_staffblog

Submission guidelines
Payment information

Regarding Issue 0:

Our first issue is headed up by Kaolin Fire. His background has long been fantasy and science fiction, but through Scrawl and Night Train he's received a better understanding of and even a desire for a more literary bent. He has had a subscription to F&SF for several years, and is especially interested in trends of technology, ritual, consciousness, dreaming, artificial intelligence, the nature of intelligence, the meaning of life, reincarnation, religion, programming (of all sorts), and much more besides. He generally prefers dark and unsettling to light and fluffy, but appreciates quirk wherever it's found.

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