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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, September 1, 2006

8:48AM - Bead Feed

I just created a feed for HHH Enterprise's bead blog.
Keep up with the latest buzz in the bead world!

Current mood: awake

1:05PM - erasing debt

erasedebt "erasing my debt - one day at a time"

join/add to learn about a girl with a battle of her life -- credit card debt.

she want to pay them down as soon as possible because they are a overbearing weight on her shoulders. she's giving herself a maximum of 4 years to do this...or else.

read almost daily postings about her life leading up to all this debt and watch her dig deep to figure out what caused her to rack up so much debt...it'll be an interesting ride. :)

3:05PM - MEDS daily photo blog.


MEDS is a personal photo project updated each and every single night as I journey bit by bit into figuring out just what makes me tick, or at least just try to find interesting things around the city.

Featuring mostly photography from city life, as well as an expanding reach into the world of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, I'm getting closer every day.

meds_feed. Thanks for your time.



Daily updated feed, includes car news, announces of new cars, racing news and stories about legendary american cars.


In today's awesome news, The Opinion Mill, a New Jersey blog that previously did not have a syndication feed, now has a feed! It is syndicated @ opinionjournal.

10:04PM - PRrag.com news/public relations feed

The PRrag.com feed is an RSS 2.0 feed for PRrag.com: All the news that's fit to spin. The blog is a public relations news blog that covers everything from the latest buzz to politics to gadgets and toys!

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