November 1st, 2006


Common Ties

I just made a feed for Common Ties, an interactive story blog that chooses the best submissions, and pays the writers for their time and effort. All stories are non-fiction, based on the idea that people write best about what they know.

"This is journalism at its most intimate; real stories of real people that illustrate who we are and how we are connected."

-Common Ties, About

The feed is common_ties and it's worth the add.

Canadian Content


Famous, Should Be Famous, and Infamous Canadians is a "tribute to the Canadians we don't hear about as well as the ones we do; to those who have made this country what it is; to those who have made an impact on the world with their inventions and their groundbreaking achievements; and to those who are just plain interesting."


Canadian Books & Authors is books by, about and for Canadians. It sports reviews, awards, book prizes, and really excellent navigation. Go check it out and be amazed by how cool Canadians are.

Go get lost in CanCon!