March 21st, 2007

Kitty: Angry Calico

New Feeds

DVD Releases for North America
This site is where I get all my handy info for upcoming dvd releases. I know my link (and the feed) specifies North American releases, but if you click the link of the site itself, there's also information on world releases.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
A blog with reviews, contests, and discussion about SF/F books. The contests are my favorite, because he's constantly offering brand new releases, and sometimes, said releases are signed. Definitely worth keeping an eye on, as he discusses a variety of authors and books.

Speculative Reviews
Yet another speculative fiction review site, but this guy seems to cover fantasy, SF, AND horror, and instead of contests, he offers information on various collector editions of books, and often has quite a bit to say about nominations and awards.