October 8th, 2007

Wacko - crazy stuffs abound

Yeah, baby!

it_gurl, of my friendslist, had a link to the site, an amused Britney story, and I skimmed for a feed link and there it was. So, I set it up: top_socialite

With articles like the following being the norm...
  • Prince Harry Nipples

  • Misinterpreted Photo of the Day

  • Weekend Links Roundup Including The 7 Most Gruesome Rock ‘N’ Roll Legends Of All Time

  • Amy Winehouse Trading In Meth For Milkshakes

  • You Can’t Make This Shit Up

  • Lohan to Rehab, “You are SO 5 Minutes Ago”

  • Bob Barker, CBS, And ‘The Price Is Right’ Facing More Lawsuits From Deborah Curling

  • Rock of Predictability

...and this is one of the really best kinda feeds. You can actually see the whole content in the feed and not have to click a link to go read it!
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