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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, January 28, 2008

8:47PM - New Official Starwars.com Blog on LJ!

New url and everything so please subscribe to officialswblog to read the latest posts from the Official Starwars.com Blog!

9:00PM - Big Fat Scoop - Weekly News on the Obesity Epidemic

For those who are interested in America's weight problem, I just added bigfatscoop, a weekly updated blog devoted exclusively to issues relating to the national obesity epidemic and its consequences on our healthcare system, economy, families and society as a whole. Features both up-to-date news and commentary.

The blog is written by Dewey Caruthers, who has led many successful anti-tobacco and anti-obesity countermarketing campaigns in public schools.

Current mood: hungry

10:15PM - Secret Vespers

This feed, secretvespers, is from my visual poetry webcomic. It updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (more or less) and consists of a minimalist drawing over a few lines of text. Some of its recurring themes are devices, love, loss, zeitgeist, and wishes.

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