rance (rance) wrote in syn_promo,

Newsisfree feed URL changes

I have emailed support@livejournal.com, per the FAQ instructions regarding feed URL changes.

All feeds via Newsisfree.com have changed URL location and are therefore not working at the moment.

Here's the announcement about this change:

Three feeds I know about that are affected:
reuters_oddly -- new feed url: http://xml.newsisfree.com/feeds/97/4997.xml
iht_opinion -- new feed url: http://xml.newsisfree.com/feeds/18/1218.xml
theonionfeed -- new feed url: http://xml.newsisfree.com/feeds/47/2447.xml

I'm sure there are others.

I also noticed that saloncom started showing a parse error today. The feed URL attached to that account is valid, however.
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