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Bloggies - Nominees

Click here to vote in the Bloggies - Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 31. The winners will be posted on Monday, March 15.

I haven't cut this post, because it took me forever!

Best Meme
Identity Blogging - website (no feed)
BlogShares - blogshares_news
Unconscious Mutterings - unc_mutterings
100 Things About Me - website (no feed)
Friday Five - friday_five

Best Article or Essay about Weblogs
Weblogs and the Mass Amateurisation of Nearly Everything - plasticbagorg
My Life as a Blog Widow - danieldrezner
A Blog Is a Blog Is a Blog - whitespace
Making a Good Blog for Dummies - andrewblog
Weblogs: A History and Perspective - rebeccablood

Best Weblog Directory or Update Monitor
Technorati - website (no feed)
Blogdex - blogdex_feed - website (no feed) - website (no feed) - website (no feed)

Best Web Application for Weblogs - website (no feed)
Movable Type - mtfeed
TypePad - tpfeed
Blogger - website (no feed)
Feedster - rssfeedster

Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog
BrainSluice - brainsluice
Loobylu - website (no feed) - our very own pxlktty her website
Synapse - synapsefeed
ScorpioGirl - scorpiogirlnz

Best Asian Weblog
A Sassy Lawyer in Philippine Suburbia - website (no feed)
Hunkabutta - website (no feed)
BWG - website (no feed)
Geisha Asobi Blog - website (no feed)
Antipixel - antipixel

Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog
Baghdad Burning - website (no feed)
Wind Spirit - windspiritnz
Subzero Blue - subzeroblue
Where Is Raed - dear_raed
An Unsealed Room - website (no feed)

Best European Weblog
Textism - textism_blog
Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent - benhammersley
Open Brackets - openbrackets
Giornale Nuovo - giornalenuovo
Chocolate & Zucchini - choczucchini

Best British or Irish Weblog
The Big Smoker - thebigsmoker
GreenFairyDotCom - greenfairyfeed - plasticbagorg
A Teenager Blogs - website (no feed)
London Underground Tube Diary - website (no feed)

Best Latin American Weblog
Alt1040 - alt1040
3 Demonios Enjaulados - 3demonios
Eejit - website (no feed)
Overcaffeinated - overcaffinated
Por um Punhado de Pixels - website (no feed)

Best Canadian Weblog
Shiny Plastic Bag - shinyplasticrss
MezzoBlue - mezzoblue or mezzo_blue_feed - chromewaves
Wish Jar Journal - wishjarjournal
Going Canuck - website (no feed)

Best American Weblog
Gothamist - gothamist - kottke
Dooce - doocefeed
Boing Boing - boingboing_net
Wil Wheaton Dot Net - wilwheaton

Best Tagline of a Weblog
Mighty Girl: “Famous among dozens” - website (no feed)
The Art of Rhysisms: “Stealing traffic cones from the Information Superhighway since 2002” - artofrhysisms
C:\PIRILLO.EXE: “Getting screwed while everybody else is getting laid” - chris_pirillo
Sabrina Faire: “All the fun of a saucy wench, none of the overpriced beer” - website (no feed) “Fabulous since 1973, blogging since 2003, drinking since noon” - 10th_muse

Best Photography of a Weblog
Heather Champ - website (no feed)
Shutterbug - website (no feed)
Ten Years of My Life - 10yearsofmylife
Satan's Laundromat - satanslaundrmat
Daily Dose of Imagery - topleftpixel

Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site
Weblog Wannabe - wannabeweblog - website (no feed)
PopJustice - website (no feed)
Gothamist - gothamist - gtmcknight

Best Programming of a Weblog Site
Big Pink Cookie - bigpinkcookie
ScriptyGoddess - website (no feed) - 1976design - kottke
The Girlie Matters: Tips and Tricks - girliematters

Best Weblog about Music
75 or Less - website (no feed) - chachachafeed
Moby - website (no feed) Edit: moby_journal - chromewaves
PopJustice - website (no feed)

Best Weblog about Politics - instapundit
WatchBlog - website (no feed) Edit: wbdemocrats, wbrepublicans, wbthirdparty
Daily Kos - daily_kos
Talking Points Memo - talkngptsmemo
This Modern World - website (no feed) Edit: modrnwrld_blog

Best Web Development Weblog
ScriptyGoddess - rssscriptygodss
MezzoBlue - mezzoblue or mezzo_blue_feed
The Daily Report - zeldman2
Heal Your Church Web Site - healyourchurch
The Girlie Matters: Tips and Tricks - girliematters

Best Computers or Technology Weblog
Slashdot - newz4nerdz
Boing Boing - boingboing_net
Gizmodo - gizmodo - kottke - g_online_blog

Best Topical Weblog
The Joy of Soup - joyofsoup
London Underground Tube Diary - lu_rss
Belle de Jour - belledejouruk or belledejouruk
The Agonist - the_agonist
BookSlut - bookslut_feed

Best GLBT Weblog
Little Yellow Different - lilyellowdiffer
SwirlSpice - swirlspice
Just Write - lancearthurfeed - plasticbagorg
How to Learn Swedish in 1000 Difficult Lessons - website (no site)

Most Humorous Weblog
In Passing - inpassingsynd
Margaret Cho - website (no feed) Edit: margaretchofeed - davezilla_rss
Little Yellow Different - lilyellowdiffer
Little Red Boat - website (no feed)

Best Group Weblog
Gothamist - gothamist - blogcritics - misbehaving
Put Down the Donut - putdownthedonut
Boing Boing - boingboing_net

Best Community Weblog
MetaFilter - metafilter - farkrss - kuro5hin
Slashdot - slashdot
Whedonesque - whedonesque

Best-Designed Weblog - brookelynfeed
SixFoot6 - sixfoot6 - kittadotnet
What Do I Know - whatdoiknow_org
SimpleBits - simplebits

Best-Kept-Secret Weblog
Low Culture - lowculture
BrokenType - brokentype
Tequila Mockingbird - website (no feed) - website (no feed)
Musings From the Undergound - museunderground

Best New Weblog
Blog for America - deanforamerica - 10th_muse
HoneyTom - honeytom
Cynical Rantings - website (no feed)
Where the Hell Was I - wherethehellwas

Lifetime Achievement
Matt Haughey - lottanothing
Rebecca Blood - rebeccablood
Tom Coates - plasticbagorg
Anil Dash - dashes
Heather Champ - website (no feed)

Weblog of the Year
Boing Boing - boingboing_net - 10th_muse
John Howard: Prime Minister - website (no feed)
The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century - accordionguy
Dooce - doocefeed
Weblog Wannabe - wannabeweblog

If any of these links are wrong, or the feeds are broken, please let me know.
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