Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote in syn_promo,
Chris Schmidt

uJournal, Blurty and DeadJournal Full Entry Syndication

Using the style in lj_nifty that insomnia created for syndication of full entries on LJ to other sites, I have added the styles to both Blurty and DeadJournal (the two places I can make styles)

An example of one of these syndications is available at pthalo_dj

However, the DJ link has a slight problem - it will only function on paid, permanant, or early adopter accounts. All free accounts place a banner image into the page that the xml is supposed to be, causing it not to validate. To test whether this is the case with the DJ user you want to add, first visit the link (mentioned above) and see if an ad image is at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can just run any of these through the RSS validator at . If there is an RSS Parse error, the feed may function. This is the case with all of these styles currently because the LiveJournal HTML cleaner uncapitilizes "PubDate", causing it to not validate correctly. However, XML Parsing errors are deadly. Not a chance of any feed with an XML error getting through.

The key? Test ALL FEEDS before submitting. I may have messed something up, in which case you could create a dead feed. RSS error ("This feed does not validate as RSS.") - okay if it's just the pubdate thing. XML Error - NOT okay.

Both of these styles display the last 10 entries. If your friends are posting more than 10 entries in each pass by the parser... get new friends :) Or let me know, and I can create a new style on Blurty or LJ for them.

Thank you to rho for her help on figuring out the DJ style someone had already made and for the validator link and for rocking my socks off on everything related to syndication

2 Blurty users I added with it: BlurtyFran1 and BlurtySunshine1 (the ones without 1 were before I thought to do this). Not that any of you would really care, but if you'd like, you can add them ;)

edit: uJournal now has the style implemented as well. Use . Please note that this will only function for paid users, as free users do not have the ability to embed or create styles. Many thanks to jennyrhill for making the style for us.
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