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a bunch of feeds you should read

I just ran out of syndication points, so I figured I might as well post the list of all of the RSS feeds that I created/maintain so that some of you will read them too! Here they are, least popular to most popular:

creaturhead_rssa new cute cartoon monster every day.
artbomb_net_rssIndie comics news.
blacktable_rssentertaining pop-culture-related articles and links.
slumblngfsh_rssLore Fitzgerald Sjöberg's blog, (Brunching Shuttlecocks, etc.)
linkfilter2Memes of the day (this is a better-formatted feed than linkfilter.)
dnasty_rssThe life and adventures of a 24 year old investment banker.
geisha_asobiWeird links from Japan.
i_cringelyBob Cringely's weekly column.
downhillbattleMusic activism.
penniphile_rssPenn Jillette, the taller, louder half of Penn and Teller.
bondagefilesWeekly weird news from the San Francisco Chronicle.
gywo_rssGet Your War On.
space_comSpace news from space.com.
catandgirlA very entertaining comic strip.
webster_wotdMerriam-Webster's Word of the Day.
modrnwrld_blogTom Tomorrow's blog.
modrnwrld_comicTom Tomorrow's comic strip.
diepunyhumansWarren Ellis's blog.
thestraightdopeThe Straight Dope, by Cecil Adams.
wilwheatonWil Wheaton's blog (full feed instead of just headlines.)
redmeat_rssA comic strip.
apod Astronomy Picture of the Day.
savageloveDan Savage's sex advice column.

And here are some feeds that I read that don't have very many other readers at the moment:

peekabooty_rssNews related to anti-censorship software.
cnsmerwhore_rssNews about consumerism and commercial culture.
adrantsNews about advertising and media.
liftwatch_orgSpace elevator news.
mars_spiritMars rover news.
sfn_meraMore Mars rover news.
transhumanityCurrent events from transhumanism.com.
johnperrybarlowJohn Perry Barlow's blog.
scifitodaysciscoop.com technology news.
piquepailleRoland Piquepaille's "Technology Trends" blog.
wurzeltodA weirdo.
brokenfeed This Is Broken: dumb design and technology.
scifiwireNews from the SciFi channel.
moviepoopshootMovie news and reviews from Kevin Smith and company.
maproomA weblog about maps.
mozillaorgAnnouncements from mozilla.org.
mozillazineNews from mozillazine.org.
craigs_listBest of Craig's List (weekly.)
oblomovkaDanny O'Brien's blog (of NTK.)
brucesterlingBruce Sterling's blog.
viridian_notesBruce Sterling's other, weirder blog.
hyatt_weblogDave Hyatt's blog (Safari developer.)
charlies_diaryCharlie Stross (scifi author.)
new_rfcsNewly-published IETF RFCs.
lessigLawrence Lessig's blog (intellectual property law professor.)

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