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Rehabilitated feed: Arts and Letters Daily

A rehabilitated syndication here at LJ: aldaily, for the web site for the happy link farm Arts & Letters Daily, replacing the crappy MyRss feed with something of my own. So join now! It doesn't suck!

Recent aldaily stories include:

  • Camus, in his concreteness and human sensitivity, is more perceptive, and in his compassion, more trustworthy than Sartre. Perhaps even something of a neocon... more» ... more»
  • What, after all, is an "event"? What is a "major event"? Was 9/11 even an "event" at all? Oh, Jürgen and Jacques, tell us!... more»
  • So who, asks historian John Lewis Gaddis, are the grand strategists among U.S. leaders? John Quincy Adams, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and George W. Bush... more»
  • Korean Auschwitz
  • Unhappy endings
  • The pent-up anxiety with which the Tristan begins contains the serene redemption of its ending. Love and death flow from its first chord... more»
  • It's a deep paradox: the powerful human urge to revel in sexual pleasure bears such an uneasy relation to another powerful urge, to express ourselves freely in art... more»
  • The neocon strategy is not ethnic but ideological, a crusade in the name of democracy. But whose idea of democracy?... more»
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