Loony BoB (loony_bob) wrote in syn_promo,
Loony BoB

Just a couple of feeds I've added to LJ...

vb_feed - This contains all the vBulletin announcements. Should anyone be an admin of a vBulletin forum, I suggest they add this so that they can keep up to date on all the news, especially with vB3 about to go gold.

spyware_warrior - This is a blog that a girl called Suzi runs, and damn, she's good at what she does! If you ever have any spyware or adware problems, no matter how recent, chances are she'll be interested in it. Her blog has helped me fix a couple of problems I've had in the past that Ad-Aware and Spybot weren't updated to fix at the time. Her site has links to all sorts of software that's good to use, and she regularly updates with information on the latest spyware - and how to get rid of it.
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