Torgo χ (torgo_x) wrote in syn_promo,
Torgo χ

Newish feed: Mother Jones

I resuscitated motherjonesfeed!

Here's a sample of recent articles:

Soldiers in a Forgotten War: Photographs by Tim Hetherington
When rebel troops drove dictator Charles Taylor into exile, Liberia briefly hit the nightly news. But what happens next in a country the world would just as soon forget?
Three's the Charm?
France, Germany and Britain want to lead the E.U. But can they agree?
The Lie Factory
A Mother Jones special report on the secret Pentagon unit of neoconservative hawks who cherry-picked the Bush administration's case for invading Iraq
The Soul of the New Machine
Grover Norquist is out to gut the federal government -- to chop it in half and "drown it in the bathtub." He couldn't be more serious, and as leader of the most influential coalition in Washington, he has a knack for getting his way.
Gods and Monsters
Genetically mix a human with a monkey? With a sheep? With a rat? Dr. Stuart Newman says such technology already exists -- and he's fighting for a U.S. patent to make sure it's never used.
Who's afraid of talking about the costs of this war?
Connecting the Dots: The Bush Record
Bush's assault on environmental laws has been built around seemingly small, behind-the-scenes changes to obscure environmental rules and regulations.
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