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new additions...

please note:

1. Feeds in other languages are now noted in bold.

2. Descriptive text is now limited to 60 characters, there's just not enough room for more.

boingboing_net a directory of wonderful things
daypop_top40 The top 40 most linked to weblog memes. Very handy at times.
de_heise_news - German - the heise news ticker lists computer biz and technology related news.
de_telepolis - German - a "magazine of net culture", oriented towards culture and politics.
mitch_kapor The weblog for the founder of Lotus, Inc. Watch out, Microsoft!
peterme blog - technology, society, interface design, user research, reviews
techdirt Tech news that focuses on the big issues, rather than the daily grind.
whump it's a blog

I also created four new Mac feeds:

appleturns as the Apple Turns
c_a_r_s Crazy Apple Rumours Site
macminute MacMinute
macosxhints Mac OS X Hints
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