The Paco (the_paco) wrote in syn_promo,
The Paco

News Services

'Ello, Come to promote some important groups.

yahoonews the Yahoo! general news RSS feed, from many sources (AP, Reuters, ETC)
yahoousnews Yahoo! US news. Like above.
yahootopstories Yahoo! Top Stories.
yahootoprated Yahoo! Top user rated.
yahoopolitics Yahoo!..... wait for it.... politics.
yahooelection Yahoo! Gardening. Sike. It's election stuff.
bbcnewsamerica What does the BBC have to say about us? Pretty straightforward, often nearly unbiased, if a little distant.
bbcnewsworld BBC World News. Gives great angles and stories you don't normally hear more than a blurb about (if anything) on CNN.

FYI, if anyone wants to make feed journals from more Yahoo! feedsites, the list of available ones is Here. There's still entertainment, tech, science, and a bunch of others that might not be on LJ yet.

Also: I'm trying to find out if there's an RSS feed set up for Al Jazeera, the popular Arab-based news service. Largely free of censorship, Al Jazeera has angles on middle eastern and world issues that many in the west are just not exposed to. If I can find one before someone else does, I'll post it here.

Get them, read them, think about them. An informed public is my favorite kind of public.
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