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desperado_rss - Now on the Web!

After 26 years as an email list, Tom Parmenter's Desperado is being reborn as a blog. Pretty much, Tom was blogging before there was a weB to LOG.
As all good blogs should exist on LJ too, I've created desperado_rss
Behind the cut is more.

I'll be writing a longer history when I get to work on the pending http://www.desperado-list.net, but, in the meantime, I have to close this edition out somehow. This whole Desperado thing started in 1978 at the late, great Digital Equipment Corporation when I first received a piece of e-mail directed to a list and immediately saw the possibilities and made my own mailing list, mailing out to my fellow RSX writers a description of vegetarian dog food under the headline
From there it jes grow'd in the fertile soil of the DEC engineering network, where virtually everything we've come to love about the Internet and the World Wide Web -- except the pr0n -- flourished for a decade or more before these johnny-come-latelies came along.
I will start working on an archive from those days that will be one of the first things to go up on the web site, but in the meantime there's http://desperado-list.blogspot.com and its feed http://desperado-list.blogspot.com/atom.xml where most things, or announcements of them, will be appearing first.
This whole mailing-list thing has been a thrill. Wired Magazine thinks Desperado was one of the first of its kind. See http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/6.04/es_lists.html?pg=4 for the only piece of non-network publicity I've ever gotten.
So, here we go into a new world, pausing only to thank all the friends I've made over the years, and those who have helped Desperado along. I tremble to mention names, since there have been so many who encouraged and fostered the idea, but I cannot make this transition without mentioning my dear buddy, Jonathan Ostrowsky, my wonderful first boss at DEC, Armen Varteressian, my friend, John Covert, who was the de facto publisher most of the DEC years, Terry Nielsen-Steinhardt, who ran it for awhile when I was distracted, Mark Schorr, who has always been so encouraging. Pete Kaiser. I'm racking my brain for all those I've forgotten, but I think I'll just give you one more, Martin Minow, as a stand-in for all of you others, one of the highest honors at my disposal.
I mention Martin by way of mentioning all those first subscribers and contributors from DEC, first the RSX group, then the DEC software world, then the world of the internet mailing list, greatly bolstered by that Wired story. (I know, you Wired folks hardly got a damned thing out of me till now.)
Please, in the good old tradition, forward this with daring and whimsy one last time.
                             Oh yeah.                                           
                             Are you gonna be in my dreams                      
                             Love you. Love you. Love you. Love you.            
                             And in the end,                                    
                             The love you take                                  
                             Is equal to                                        
                             The love you make.                                 

Yr bdy,
Tom Parmenter
Se non e vero, e ben trovato
The Constitution didn't change on September 11
Journal of the Apocryphalypse since 1978
Digital technology is the universal solvent of intellectual property rights
Forward with daring and whimsy
Copyright 2004, Tom Parmenter

(If any of this is messed up, it's because xJournal overwrote an old (personal) entry with this and I had to go and set things straight...and I may not have caught all of LJ's formatting to tear it back out for the repost. If I notice anything, I'll try to fix it...)
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