El. Almeda Mason (almeda) wrote in syn_promo,
El. Almeda Mason

Readership survey

I went through all 173 feeds I know about and got their readership numbers (which will be heading moderatorwards shortly). However, i thought people might be curious what feeds ahve more than 100 readers, and what order they fall in.

dilbertdaily 599
slashdot 441
theonionfeed 384
boondocks 310
wilwheaton 266
davebarrycolumn 260
foxtrot_feed 243
sinfestfeed 238
memepool 221
megatokyocomic 183
bbcnewsworld 172
kuro5hin 164
saloncom 163
theregister 158
wiredtopstories 147
thinkgeek 146
dictionary_wotd 143
doonesbury 136
dorktowerfeed 126
cert 124
brunching 101
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