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Things you should be reading...

badnewshugh: Bad News Hughes--the blog of Patrick Hughes. About six months ago, one of his posts (Uncle Patrick's Advice to Children) made the rounds on boingboing, metafilter and fark. He's still just as funny:
Just in case any hippies end up here by accident, I'd like to say a few things about your sham alternative-medicine hokum: Herbs don't cure shit. Herbs go in quiche, yes. They are not medicine. Sure, cavemen used herbs to try and cure shit, but that was before we had science and stuff. Your commie, repellant herbs and garnishes might've been in common medicinal use for 2000 years or whatever, but the average lifespan for people living during those 2000 years was, like, 15. I mean, I have nothing against the Indians, and think them getting shafted so much and stuff sucks, but they tried to cure shit with Echinacea... And, ah... Well... They died. I'm sorry, and I'm not happy about it, but it's true.

badnews_reviews: Hughes' review site. Here's a sample:
For the past couple of years film snobs have been jizzing all over Goodbye, South, Goodbye director Hou Hsiao-Hsien, because he’s from Taiwan and makes movies that are really slow. Well, near as I can tell, he’s good, and deserves your jizz. If you’ve ever wondered what a remake of Mean Streets would be like if it was set out in the sticks of China and Ozu directed it with Terence Malick doing cinematography, now you have your answer, I guess. (Please note that people who can’t handle really slow movies are stupid and worthy of neither friendship nor food.)

ajc_living The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's weekday living section. This is a screenscrape of their weekday living section, for which the bastards are requiring registration.

Other sections, if you'd like to add the feeds to LJ:

All of these, including ajc_living will spam your friends list with about ten entries at about 7:00 AM Eastern.

margaretchoblog Margaret Cho's blog.

parryshen The blog of Parry Shen, lead actor in Better Luck Tomorrow
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