macheide (macheide) wrote in syn_promo,

Governmental Feeds

For work, was poking around at the EEOC website after picking up traffic on a key agency decision yesterday from the syndication bl_regs, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the EEOC has its own RSS, now coming onto my biz journal here via goveeoc.

We've got third-party syndicated traffic for the White House and Supreme Court, together with a small but growing collection of straight feeds from several representatives in the House. NASA has a few coming in here, and the National Weather Service delivers weather alerts for each state (e.g., nws_tx). Then there is an earthquake watch at govearthquakes and an atlantic hurricane feed awaiting the 2004 season over at govhurricanesat. Plus a ragtrag group of state-level RSS feeds, with Utah pretty much leading that pack.

But all in all, other than the pile of syndications out there for the 2004 election campaigns, the government itself has rather little, all things considered. Nice to see this EEOC feed. Personally, I want one from the IRS and/or Treasury, from the DOL, from the SEC, from the House and Senate, from the courts, and a host of others that I track daily for my business. Meanwhile, for the few out there with any similar biz interests, at least it's starting to trickle in.
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