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Randy's Random is back!

jumbojoke is here for your amusement!

From Randy Cassingham, founder of This Is True, Heroic Stories, and the True Stella Awards:
NEW PROJECT: I shut down my "Randy's Random" publication a year and a
half ago, and I *still* get people saying they miss it. RR was a place
where I posted random bits of interesting humor that didn't fit here. I
stopped it for several reasons, including that it was a true pain to
deal with Yet Another E-mailed Publication, there was no income
involved, and plenty of other irritations. At my recent business
meeting in Reno, I had a flash of inspiration: by doing it as a web
site, there's no e-mail list. By including an RSS feed, you don't have
to remember to come back again and again. By including Google Ads that
are targeted to the content, I get a few bucks to pay for hosting and,
maybe, some of my time. (Though it'll be amusing to see how Google
"targets" ads to jokes!)

To start with, I'll be posting my archives of Randy's Random. The first
item ("The Mustang") is already there, and it's a classic. I'll post
more as I have time, and of course they'll stay there "forever". I'm
using Moveable Type for it -- and pulling my hair out trying to figure
out web Style Sheets, which I've not really had to deal with much in
the past. So if you're an early visitor and come back often, you'll
probably see me fooling with the layout.... is
the place.
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