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Community FAQs

What is a LiveJournal syndication feed?

The syndication feature is only available to paid members, but all members have an RSS feed of their public entries automatically generated.

A LiveJournal syndication feed is a published RSS feed that you can read on your friends page.

How do I add another site's syndicated feed to my Friends list?

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is multi-point publishing. Any site can publish in one place (eg. LiveJournal), and syndicate your content to whoever wishes to retrieve it (eg. other websites or RSS readers).

In concept it's not much different to publishing a website, except that the user does not have to visit your website to see your content. Syndication also reduces the cost of publishing, as content is published once by you, but syndicated by other people, reducing bandwidth costs.

What does RSS mean?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or RDF Site Summary.
RDF stands for Resource Description Framework.
RDF Site Summary is the official term used by the W3C.

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Did LiveJournal invent RSS?

No, Netscape did.

RSS is becoming a common format, its use is not restricted to LiveJournal.

There is a history of RSS here:

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Can I create syndication feeds? I have a Paid Account

You are a paid user, which means you can create RSS feeds in LiveJournal from external sources, see below for examples:

Creating RSS feeds for your favourite websites can save you a lot of time. You can simply view everything on your Friends Page.

What can/can't I do with a Livejournal syndication feed?

You Can't:

Edit/rename/delete a feed - It's not currently possible for an LJ user to edit one, but you can submit a Zilla bug.

Create an exiting feed - If you attempt to create a feed that already exists (using the same RSS source) you will not create the feed, but instead add the previously created feed. This feed may have a different name to the one you submitted.

You Can:

Submit a Zilla bug - Zilla is the bug reporting tool for LiveJournal. If you'd like a zilla item submitted on your behalf, please post to the community.

You will need to supply all the new information, and make sure the new feed is valid.
You can check if a feed is valid by using the RSS Validator

[Please note that this is not a LiveJournal sponsored link, and the content may change at any time]

As broken feeds are a low priority fix, you may be waiting awhile for the feed to be changed.

I want one, how do I get one?

You must have a Paid Account to use the Syndication feature.

LiveJournal FAQ:
How do I add another site's syndicated feed to my Friends list?

What is a syndication point?

A syndication point is the cost of a syndication feed, for a paid member, you may "spend" your syndication points on the syndication feeds of your choice.

How many syndication points do I get?

Your allocated allowance depends on your account.

Paid Accounts now get 10 syndication points.
Permanent Accounts now get 30 syndication points.

Does my LiveJournal have an RSS feed?

You can see the RSS feed for alls LiveJournal users (that includes Free Accounts and users from some other LiveJournal code sites such as Blurty, DeadJournal, uJournal, if they have RSS as a feature) by adding rss/ on the end of their address. eg.

This also means that people can read your journal via an RSS reader if they wish, or republish your content somewhere else, like to another LiveJournal code site.

That's great, but what would I actually use syndication for?

You can add external syndication feeds to your LiveJournal friends list.
As an example, you could be reading the public entries of Blurty (another LiveJournal code site) friends, cartoons like dilbertdaily, tech news like slashdot, blogs like wilwheaton, community discussions like memepool or humor like davebarrycolumn, all within your friends page, without having to leave LiveJournal.

How do I keep my friends page from filling up with posts from syndication feeds?

Some users choose to read their syndication feeds separately from their friends page, by using friends groups.

You can also make your syndication filter (or filters) public, so Free members can see what they're missing out on.

LiveJournal FAQ: How are custom friends groups used?

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