The princess of mood swings (aitziber) wrote in syn_promo,
The princess of mood swings

I think I messed up...

Hey, I'm new. :)

A few days ago, I created an rss feed of the comic strip Close To Home: close_to_home. I read the FAQ and it said that I might have to wait a few days till it started to get updated. It's been about 10 days, though, and I think I did something wrong. :-/

This is what appears in the user info:

"Syndication Status: Last checked: 2004-05-16 02:23:35 (Parse error)
Error Message: RSS parser error: syntax error at line 23, column 61, byte 83
Next check: 2004-05-16 05:27:35"

Soooo... help, please?
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