Webb (imdwalrus) wrote in syn_promo,

List of comic feeds that have been dropped from the site

This is probably off-topic, but I wanted to try and compile a list of what's been deleted. This seemed like the best place to do it.

I plan on adding to this list...check back later to see what I've missed.

Chickweed Lane: chickweed_comic
Dilbert: dilbert_feed
Drabble: drabble_feed
For Better Or For Worse: fbofw_feed
Frazz: comic_frazz
Get Fuzzy: comic_getfuzzy
Luann: luann_comic
Monty: monty_comic
Peanuts: snoopy_feed
Pearls Before Swine: pearlzb4swine
Pibgorn: pibgorn_comic
Rose is Rose: roseisrose_feed

These are just the ones that I'm aware of now. What other ones have been removed from the site's syndication feature?
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