The Paco (the_paco) wrote in syn_promo,
The Paco

I must ask, since all these comic feeds were suspended by LJ, why do you continue to create them? You only invite wider reprecussions on all of us in the possible forms of new TOS crap, limited ability to create feeds, or the suspensions of accounts of those who created the feeds. Maybe we'll piss Universal Media (or whomever) off enough that they'll sue LJ. I like Get Fuzzy too, but is it really worth this much effort?

Well, barring all that, why are you advertising your continued creation of the offending feeds, especially where LJ admin/employees are known to look? Why not just create it and let the keywords and interests gather the people?

Right, right... that would be logical and cautious, can't have that... what was I thinking?
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